Entertaining Audiences

for over 40 years

"My Life is a Movie"...

aviation speaker | Stunt Pilot

J.W. "corkey" Fornof has captivated audiences

at air shows and on the big screen for over 40 years.


He has flown over 3,000 low level aerobatic shows in nine different types of aircraft, from a T6, P51 Mustang, F8F Bearcat, Pitts Special, Bellanca Super Viking, Christian Eagle, to the world's smallest jet, BD-5J.

Having flown on every continent but Antarctica he has logged 17,000+ hours in over 300 different types of aircraft, from the ...

                                         Mountains of New Zealand

                                         Rainforests of Australia

                                         Volcanoes of Costa Rica

                                         Waterfalls of Argentina

                                         Beaches of Thailand

                                         Valleys of Hawaii

                                         Deserts of Mexico

Corkey is a member of SAG-AFTRA, holds an FAA Motion Picture|TV Flight Operations Manual and FAA Zero Level Aerobatic card.  He resides in the Dallas metroplex with his wife Jana.


Pilot to the Stars

• Scripts to Stunts

• Behind the Scenes

• Camera Ship 

Test Pilot

• Experimental Test Flying

• Custom Camera Mounts 


From Warbirds to the World's 

Smallest Jet